askangelsmembershipAs the wheel of the year turns, life continues to change on Earth as new opportunities, challenges, and choices, are offered to you as you continue on your unique journey in the physical.

What if you had timely guidance from the Angels to assist you in reconnecting with this light, and staying connected to your Divine Path and true Authentic Self?

Imagine receiving up to date messages from the Angels during energetically significant astrological and social events throughout the year.

Below, you have free access to an .MP3 Angel Message which will help you to release your fears and uncertainties and joyfully reconnect with the full light and love of your Spiritual Self!

This message was recorded during an energetically powerful full moon lunar eclipse with Archangel Metatron.

If you find value in messages like these and you would like to continue to receive new .mp3 meditations on every new moon, full moon, cross quarter date, solstice, equinox as well as bonuses every month, I would like to introduce you to The Wheel of the Year Membership Program.

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The world is quickly changing now. In your journey through life, you will never experience a single moment more than once. The swift passage of time and change continues on and now is all you will ever have. As the seasons progress, each new season promises to be a unique experience offering you infinite possibilities.

The Wheel of the Year Spiritual Membership Program

You have great potential for living an inspired life byattuning to the cycles of the natural world and the cosmos. These cycles represented by the Earth’s yearly journey around the Sun, support you in connecting with the power of your inner light and guidance, angels, higher self and spiritual guides.

Throughout the year there are powerful points in time where you can realign with full knowing of who you really are and what you are here on Earth to experience.

The reality you experience depends on your choices in the ever changing present moment.

The choice is yours.
Do you choose love and joy or fear and self doubt?
Do you watch the world you know decay and fall apart, or do you envision an emerging new humanity co creating with each other and with mother earth?

You can start living your uniquely inspired life now.
Reclaim your power to and live your life with a clear mind, vibrant physical body and empowered spirit.

The Wheel of the Year Membership includes trans-formative education and empowerment based on the channeled teachings of Archangel Metatron, the Guides and Angels of the Light, and the Ascended Masters and other Archangels.