Connecting With Your Angels Throughout The Year

up to date angelic guidanceAs the wheel of the year turns, life continues to change on Earth and new opportunities, challenges, and choices, are offered to you as you continue on your unique journey in the physical.

What if you had timely guidance from the Angels to assist you in reconnecting with this light, and staying connected to your Divine Path and true Authentic Self?

The Wheel of The Year program will help you to do this and more! You will receive up to date messages from the Angels during energetically significant astrological and social events throughout the year.

Below, you have free access to an .MP3 Angel Message which will help you to release all of your fears and uncertainties and joyfully reconnect with your full light and love of your Spiritual Self! This message was recorded during an energetically powerful full moon lunar eclipse with Archangel Metatron.

>>Free Full Moon Eclipse Message From the Angels!<<

Click the Above link to listen (or right click to save link to your computer, ctrl click mac)

If you find value in messages like these and you would like to continue to receive new .mp3 meditations on every new moon, full moon, cross quarter date, solstice, equinox and bonuses every month, you can register for The Wheel of the Year Membership Program for only $33, Below.
 $33 Per Month for continued access to the full archive which includes hundreds of dollars in angel courses and meditations! All .mp3 meditations are accessed from within the member’s account.
By Joining Now, you will gain instant access to all of Melanie’s published Angel Messages, Meditations and Angel Courses for a month. If you want to continue to receive these messages of love and light, you will be billed $33 per month after the first month. And, you can cancel your membership at anytime through ClickBank (the retailer of this membership program), or by emailing



In the below video slideshow, you will be able to experience another channeled angel message by Melanie.

By joining membership program, you will get access to every message, both free and paid that has been published at… Melanie’s first site. She decided to manage the membership site here at in order to make the process of accessing and managing all of the angel messages and angel meditations as easy as possible for you, so you can spend more time connecting and working with your angels.

The world is quickly changing now.

In your journey through life, you will never experience a single moment more than once. The swift passage of time and change continues on and now is all you will ever have. As the seasons progress, each new season promises to be a unique experience offering you infinite possibilities.

The Wheel of the Year

You have great potential for living an inspired life byattuning to the cycles of the natural world and the cosmos. These cycles represented by the Earth’s yearly journey around the Sun, support you in connecting with the power of your inner light and guidance, angels, higher self and spiritual guides.

Throughout the year there are powerful points in time where you can realign with full knowing of who you really are and what you are here on Earth to experience.

The reality you experience depends on your choices in the ever changing present moment.

The choice is yours.

Do you choose love and joy or fear and self doubt?

Do you watch the world you know decay and fall apart, or do you envision an emerging new humanity co creating with each other and with mother earth?

You can start living your uniquely inspired life now.

Reclaim your power to and live your life with a clear mind, vibrant physical body and empowered spirit.

The Wheel of the Year Membership includes trans-formative education and empowerment based on the channeled teachings of Archangel Metatron, the Guides and Angels of the Light, and the Ascended Masters and other Archangels.




$33 Per Month for continued access to the full archive which includes hundreds of dollars in angel courses and meditations! All .mp3 meditations are accessed from within the member’s account.

As A Wheel of the Year Monthly Member You Will Receive

Experience Angels Course

Angels of Abundance and Prosperity Course

Working With Your Angels Course

Developing Your Clairvoyance Course

Psychic Protection Course

Meet Your Spirit Guide Course… and more!

You will also receive 8 New Seasonal Angel Courses designed by the Angels to help you stay attuned to quickly changing energies on Earth while ushering in positive transformation throughout your year.

These Seasonal Angel Courses will be published for the; Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, as well as the 4 cross quarter days between Solstices and Equinoxes. Powerful times to increase your connection to nature, balance, and begin co creating with the energies of the natural world.

** 8 Wheel of the Year .MP3 Angelic Cleanse and Connect Meditations with timely themes.

You will also receive Additional Bonus Angel Courses on highly energetic dates ex. 11-11-11 and 12-12-12, 12-21-12.

In addition to the 8 Angel courses throughout the year, you will also receive 26 additional channeled messages, each mixed down to the beautiful music of Thaddeus.

** 13 New Moon Light Cleanse/ New Beginnings .MP3 Angel Meditations

** 13 Full Moon Culmination/ Energy Attunement .MP3 Angel Meditations

You will also receive the exclusive Angel Meditations email series for members only.

Now is the time to awaken to your divine blueprint and to a world of unlimited possibility through your joy, love and inner light.

I look forward to connecting with you and the Angels!

With light and love,


Real customer feedback – here’s what others are saying

Thank you for the inspired channeling! It was Beautiful! I feel Great, exceptionally happy, and as if I have been super energised from within! :)
This is wonderful. I spent my drive into work thanking my guides and Metatron for their presence and encouragement in my life at this time. Thank you, especially, for being a graceful channel!

I cannot tell you how much benefit I get from your channelings, they are honestly wonderful beyond description!
XOX – Gary






 $33 Per Month for continued access to the full archive which includes hundreds of dollars in angel courses and meditations! All .mp3 meditations are accessed from within the member’s account.

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